Unicalce Group
28 March 1923

The Gnecchi-Donadoni Industria Lombarda delle Calci in Zolle is founded. The Maggianico (LC) plant is built in the south-eastern foothills of Lake Como. The plant was equipped with two small wood-fired kilns. In 1937 the company becomes Gnecchi Donadoni Spa


The Giovanni Ghisalberti company is founded in Brembilla (Bergamo). It would become Ghisalberti Spa, a pioneer in lime production for those times.


Dolomite Colombo, belonging to the Colombo family, is founded in Lecco and is also engaged in the material extraction and production sector; in the late 1950s, the management is taken over by Giuseppe Colombo, a surveyor.


Early 1960s: Dolomite Colombo acquires the shareholding of Gnecchi Donadoni Spa, becoming the holding company of the Unicalce Group which, at the time, is still in its early stages.


Dolomite Colombo's business is strengthened and it proposes a plan to Ghisalberti Spa which meets with a positive response. Thus, Sider Calce Spa is founded with a plant in Campiglia Marittima (LI).


Sider Calce acquires the controlling shareholding in Calce San Pellegrino Spa, a major competitor operating in Narni (TR).

Late 1980s

another important step towards the founding of Unicalce: Calce Dolomia Spa and Simet Srl, important lime and derivative production companies with plants in Genoa and Bernezzo (CN) (Calce Dolomia Spa) and Taranto (Simet Srl) become part of the Group which, by now, is increasingly taking shape.

Early 1990s

Campania Calce Spa (Marcianise, CE) and Latincalce Srl (Itri, LT) become part of the galaxy of the future Unicalce.


Europrogetti Srl , an engineering company of the Group that provides the skills needed for the decisive technological leap forward, is established. Alongside lime and gravel, a diversification process is started at a plant in Terni with the production and marketing of the Premier brand of dry premixed materials.


acquisition of Industriale Calce Spa (Sedrina, BG).


Unicalce Spa is founded from the successful collaboration between Gnecchi-Donadoni and Ghisalberti Spa


Unicalce acquires Calci Idrate srl, with a plant in Sedrina (BG), and the hydrated lime production business unit of the Colleferro plant, from the Italcementi Group


Unicalce, in a joint venture with Italcementi (which in the meantime has sold its lime production facilities to the Lecce group), starts up Suez Lime to produce lime in Egypt


a new Premier premixed material production facility ias opened at the plant in Campiglia Marittima


another new Premier premixed material production facility is opened at the plant in Taranto

Unicalce Spa united most of the Group companies under its own brand, and appoints Dr Luigi Gnecchi as Chairman


Unicalce Spa is present throughout Italy with:

  • 12 plants
  • 22 kilns for a maximum annual production of 2 million tonnes
  • 4 premixed material production plants

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