This new technology optimises the use of calcium oxide and calcium and magnesium oxide in EAF.
In recent years, the pneumatic injection technique with insufflation lances in Electric Arc Furnaces has obtained surprising results in terms of reduction of the specific consumption of the product, foaming benefits and loss of dust generated by transport flows.

The Lime Injection System consists in loading the EAF with powdered materials with appropriate lances able to inject lime and dolomite pneumatically directly into the slag. This method makes it possible to increase the flow of materials maximising the yield and improve foaming thanks to a calibrated injection during the melting and the superheating phase.

For the Lime Injection technique, Unicalce has developed specific products for pneumatic transport; HICAL 18 mesh and DOLIME 18 mesh.

These products have been developed with a suitable grinding mill, which ensures the grain-size distribution curve without any danger of material clogging.