Keyslag – Desolpur
Unicalce offers ad hoc solutions for secondary metallurgy such as products with very high desulphurisation capacity, products with very low carbon content, and lime-based mixtures to make slag highly absorbent.

In addition to lime-based products, our R&D has developed products calibrated with magnesium oxide which are able to quickly form a very fluid slag with high basicity; in this sense KEYSLAG, a specific product for LF, is able to create a perfect bath-slag reaction ensuring excellent desulphurisation levels and a proper balance for MgO saturation, protecting the refractory mantle.

Desolpur is a synthetic product based on calcium oxide. The peculiarity of this product is the ability to create a low melting point of all the elements present in the slag, speeding the desulphurisation process up to the maximum.