Sludge Treatment

Trattamento_fanghiBiological sludge constitutes an extremely useful material that can be used in agriculture, but for this purpose it must be chemically and biologically stabilised. Lime makes one of the most effective chemical stabilisations, also recognised at the level of European legislation

  • Conditioning: thanks to its coagulant and flocculant properties, lime is an important reagent in the sludge conditioning process prior to mechanical dehydration.
  • Sanitation: the addition of lime to dehydrated sludge ensures a high degree of biological disinfection: the increase of pH and temperature of the sludge lead to the elimination of any pathogenic load (viruses, bacteria, etc.).
  • Production of defecation chalks: current legislation provides for the possibility to transform biological sludge in defecation chalks by adding lime and other reagents. Lime adds the calcium element up to the concentrations required by law are reached.