zootecnicaUnicalce also operates in the livestock sector with products designed to improve the welfare of farm animals, especially dairy cows.

In recent years, the concept that animals that live in healthy, clean and comfortable environments produce more and with higher quality has gained ground.

A parameter that is often overlooked in cowshed management is the pH value that is found in the stalls and which is closely linked to their type of filling, to the materials used and the replacement and/or filling frequency. In fact, classic straw used alone is unable able to reach the minimum pH values ​​(> 10) that can be a good guarantee of the absence of bacteria. An optimal solution should ensure a constant pH value between 11 and 12 and hold it in this range for at least two weeks.

In collaboration with qualified breeders who are aware of the various cowshed management issues, Unicalce has developed an innovative product: VF10, a balanced mix of products based on calcium and magnesium, which is meeting the favour of the many farmers who have had the opportunity to test the product.

Treatment and sanitation of farm litters, especially cattle litters – RECOMMENDED PRODUCT:
It is a specific product for any type of litter.
It makes it possible to create a full, soft, stable and comfortable litter.
It drastically reduces bacterial activity, pests and insects inside the cowshed.
It is an efficient remedy against environmental mastitis.
It keeps the udder and the teats cleaner.
It significantly reduces the value of somatic cells in milk.
It prevents skin irritations and improves foot health.
The animals are more tempted to use the litter box and remain cleaner and without hock abrasions.
It prolongs stall filling intervals, saving time, labour and materials, particularly straw.

  • Composition:
  • Dolomitic Carbonate (CaCO3 MgCO3)
  • Calcium and Magnesium hHydrate (Ca(OH)2 * Mg(OH)2)

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