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The history of the Unicalce Group is the story of men and women who believed in the mission of doing business, of developing an industry as a value that goes beyond the simple creation of economic wealth. 

Much has changed between the installation of the first lime production kiln in Lecco in 1923 and the current 22 modern kilns located all over the country with 500 employees who support the company. Time, technology, and the speed with which a company must make the right decisions have changed. However, the values on which our way of doing business is based have not changed: professionalism, ethics and fairness in the conduct of business, attention to people, dynamism and attitude for quality.

Lime is a product of long tradition and ancient uses: Unicalce knows the countless properties and enhances the quality according to the needs of the market. Attention to the environment, which we understand and protect, is an important and significant part of our business. 

“We innovate tradition” is not only the slogan that appears in our logo but is a philosophy in which we believe and that is certain to lead Unicalce to an even greater role of excellence, ever more an industry leader and an increasingly influential partner for Italy’s industrial and production infrastructure, thanks also to our continuous research and careful selection of qualified personnel. 

I can, therefore, look only with confidence towards the future, certain that the values, philosophy and professionalism of the staff who have accompanied us until now will also support our future growth.

Luigi Gnecchi