Unicalce is the leading Italian producer of calcium and dolomitic lime and derivatives with 11 plants all over the Country with a production capacity of 2 million tonnes, together with our line of Premier premixed material with 4 production sites.

We manufacture and develop products necessary for most of the national productive infrastructures: environmental, energy, manufacturing and construction.

Our lime is a natural element that enables us to have cleaner air and water, roads that last longer with less impact on the environment, buildings which are more sustainable and more comfortable, and crops which yield more with fewer pollutants.

Matching the use of lime to the needs of production and environmental infrastructures is possible thanks to a deep and thorough knowledge of the product and its applications and continuous research: factors that make Unicalce an authoritative technical partner, able to offer solutions for growth .

Unicalce: VISION La storia del gruppo Unicalce è la storia di uomini e donne che hanno creduto nella missione di fare ... VALORI I valori che si sono rafforzati nel tempo e che ci hanno permesso di essere il primo fornitore di soluzioni ... STORIA Gruppo Unicalce: nasce l'industria Lombarda delle Calci in zolle Gnecchi-Donadoni ... OGGI Unicalce Spa è presente sul territorio con: 12 Stabilimenti,22 Forni per una produzione max annua pari ...